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Margaritas Discounted During Happy Hour

Inclusivo Tequila and Mezcal Sampling on Wednesday, February 22 @5:30 pm

David Escobar-Martin of Vintage Imports will be visiting us on National Tequila Day.  He is bringing one of his new tequila lines for you to sample, Inclusivo. I’ve already had a sample or two and think you will be as impressed as I was by tequila.
David tells me that this tequila is comparable to the semi-sweet style like that of Casamigos.  This tequila’s NOM is 1438 where a lot of other big well-made brands are, including 21 Seeds which we love here at the Inn. Our Cucumber Jalapeno Margarita is made with 21 Seeds Tequila. Inclusivo Blanco is 100% Blue Weber Agave and makes for a very smooth margarita.

Inclusivo also recently launched a mezcal. It is 100% Espadin (you can ask David what this is yourself on Wednesday) without an overwhelming amount of smoke. Instead it features some really nice savory components and a citrusy finish. David suggests that it is a great introduction for those that have never had mezcal.

We’re creating two margaritas to highlight these spirits.  A Strawberry Basil Blanco Margarita and a Smoky Lavender Lemon Thyme Mezcal Margarita.

You can ask David all about Inclusivo on Wednesday. He will be here at 5:30 on National Margarita Day with the Blanco and Mezcal to sample. Here’s a little background information about this tequila maker to get you thinking about questions.

Inclusive One World, is owned and operated by Warisó:se, a First Nations Native American. Her journey began when she was born on the Mohawk territories of the Iroquois confederacy. She is proud to say her family resides there to this day.  As a woman, being raised on an Indian reservation, at a very early age she learned the meaning of inclusivity.  That is one of the reasons she decided to enter into a career of entrepreneurship and establish a company that is dedicated to inclusivity, acceptance and tolerance for all.

Warisó:se has a passion for social responsibility and promises to use the company’s resources to work to protect our environment like her ancestors have done for hundreds of years. And further, to give back to the communities and organizations that work to improve peace and world harmony and acceptance for all.  She believe that one simple word ” inclusive ” can change an Industry and the world.

Inclusive One World products are not mass produced. They promise to produce their brands from the finest ingredients with integrity, honesty and trust.

Come taste Inclusivo Tequila and Mezcal on Wednesday with us.